Frequently Asked Questions
Do Indian passport holders require a visa for visiting Malaysia?
No, as per the recent announcement from the Malaysian government, Indian passport holders do not require visas if visiting for tourism purposes until 31st December 2024 as long as they do not wish to stay in Malaysia beyond 30 days. Please check this link for further details. In addition, please be sure to keep your return ticket and hotel booking handy when entering Malaysia as immigration authorities may ask for the same.
Do visitors need to accomplish any formalities before entering Malaysia?
Within 72 hours before entering Malaysia, visitors are required to fill up the Malaysian Digital Arrival Card.
Will SNM be arranging for airport transfers for visiting saints?

No, SNM will not be arranging for any airport transfers for visiting saints. Saints are instead urged to make use of apps such as Grab to book taxis from the airport to their chosen hotel. Alternatives for airport transfer are also available at the airports which can be used at visiting saints’ own discretion.

Will SNM be providing accommodation for visiting saints?

No, SNM will not be providing any complementary accommodation for visiting saints. Accommodation must be arranged by the visiting saints themselves. The local team, however, has shortlisted a few recommended options close to the main venue for visiting saints’ to consider as per their convenience. Details of these options are being provided through this portal.

What is the normal check-in and check-out time for Malaysian accommodations?

The normal check-in time is 3 PM and check-out time is 11 AM for most Malaysian accommodations. Early check-in and late check-out may be subject to availability and additional charges.

As such, saints arriving early in the morning are urged to make accommodation bookings beginning the previous day to avoid any inconveniences.

Will SNM be providing transport to and from the venue?

No, SNM will not be providing complementary transportation to and from the venue. Since recommended hotels are in the vicinity of the venue, saints may choose to walk or use other transport options to get to the venue.

Will langar (community meals) be served on the days of spiritual gathering, cultural program, and musical evening?

Yes, langar (community meals) will be served on both the days at the time of Lunch and Dinner.

How can I obtain further information about the event?
Please write an e-mail to [email protected] for further information.