Frequently asked questions

No, the congregation is free of cost, including the event, exhibition and community meal.

Yes, every Location has an exhibition which will be showcased before and after every congregation at the venue. However, saints are requested to experience the exhibition before the congregations.

Please write an e-mail to [email protected] or reach out to our Chatbot team on Whatsapp +91 9266298486.

No, SNM will not be providing any complementary accommodation for visiting saints. Accommodation must be arranged by the visiting saints themselves. The local teams have shortlisted a few recommendations for each venue to consider as per their convenience.
Details of these options can be found at
No, SNM will not be providing any transportation during the tour. Saints are requested to opt for the local transport options (rental cars, taxis, trams, buses) or to use Google Maps. For more information on the individual locations, please refer to the event section on the website
Individual Locations might have some arrangements for local Transport. If you need special assistance for local transports please reach out to the local contacts.

Saints are requested to please check the options available as per their passport and nationality. SNM is not responsible for arranging any visa or providing assistance for visas.

Yes, there will be a first-aid/ambulance team available during congregations.

Yes, langar (community meals) will be served at the spiritual gathering.

For further Informations on food arrangements please reach out on Whatsapp +91 9266298486.

Saints are requested to carry their personal items like medicines. Vegetarian options are limited in Europe, we recommended that saints carry some ready-to-eat food options with them.

The emergency number 112 works Europe wide.