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Terni, Italy

Monday 5th August @ 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Garden Hotel Restaurant

Viale Donato Bramante 4
Terni, 05100 Italy

How to travel to the venue and move around in the city?

Nearest Airport:
Aeroporto internazionale Leonardo Da Vinci
Fiumicino – Roma (FCO)

Reaching venue using public transport:

Roma Fiumicino is attached with Roma Fiumicino railways station:

Take the REG (regional) train going to Roma Tiburtina (11th stop)

When at Roma Tiburtina take another RV train leading to Ancona and stop and Terni ( 4th stop)

Walk for 2 minutes to reach Terni bus station.

When at Terni bus station take the bus 5 leading to Viale Della Stazione and stop at V.Bramante (7th stop).

Walk for 4minutes (260m) to Garden Hotel, Samagam’s venue

Overall time: 2hours and 25minutes
Cost: aprox. €15-20

Reaching venue using Taxi:

Travel time: 1 hour 50 minutes

Approximate cost: €120-180, reliable cab companies: FREENOW


Second nearest Airport:
Aeroporto internazionale Umbria, Perugia San Francesco D’assisi (PEG)

Reaching venue using public transport:

From Perugia airport to Garden Hotel, walk for 4minutes to the nearby bus stop (S.Francesco Aeroporto)

Take the AIRLK2 company bus SS75 leading to Ospedalicchio.

Stop at Assisi Stazione (4th stop).

Walk for 1 minute to Assisi railway station.

Take the RV train leading to Foligno (3rd stop).

From Foligno take another REG train leading to Terni.

When at Terni walk 2minutes to the Terni bus station.

Take the bus 5 leading to Viale della Stazione and stop at V.Bramante (7th stop).

Walk for 4minutes to Garden Hotel, Samagam’s venue.

Overall time: 3hours 25minutes
Costs: approx. €25-40

If coming by Line: Roma – Ancona:

  • Stop at Terni station
  • Take the bus5 to V.Bramante

If coming by line: Roma – Firenze:

  • Stop at Orte station and take the direct train to Terni
  • From Terni take the bus 5 to V.Bramante


Nearest Bus Stop: Terni Bus Station

From Terni Bus Station take bus 5 to Viale della Stazione and stop at V.Bramante (7th stop)

Coming from Roma: Autostrada (highway) A1 direction Firenze – Uscita (exit): Orte Raccordo Orte – Terni : exit Terni Ovest

Coming from Milano: Autostrada(highway) A1 direction Roma – Uscita (exit) Orte Raccordo Orte – Terni : exit Terni Ovest

Coming from Perugia: Superstrada (express way) E45 – Uscita (exit) Terni. Raccordo da Orte: uscita (exit) Terni Ovest

Bus: Terni Buses have 10 urban bus lines with one extra line CIM. Operates from 6AM to 7.30/8PM from Monday to Friday, from 8AM to 7PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

Suburban buses: Operates from 8.45/9AM to 8.45/9PM variable according to festivities.

Types of tickets:

Single ordinary bus ticket: valid for 100 minutes after the first validation. Costs: €1.30

Single ticket bought on the bus costs €2.00

Single senior ticket ( above 65years ) costs €1.00

10 tickets: Valid for 100 minutes after fast validation; valid for 365 days. Costs €11.00

10 tickets over 65 years: €9.00

Where to buy bus or train tickets?

Download the APP SALGO


At TERNI-BUS TERMINAL (Piazzale Rivoluzione Francese), opening time Mon-Fri 6.40am-6pm, Sat 6.40-1pm, Sunday closed. Or any tabacchi nearby bus stops.

Useful tips:

Download the APP SALGO it will help finding the nearby bus stop and its timing. https://www.fsbusitalia.it/content/fsbusitalia/it/umbria/app-salgo.html

Rush hours: avoid travel between 7-9am and 4.30-7pm when possible.

Safety: keep an eye on your belongings, especially when visiting the city centre.

Using taxis:

Radio Taxi Terni : available 24/7. Helpline: 0744.300.170

Taxi Taxi: available 24/7. Helpline: 0744.428.130


Per kilometer: €1.14 – €2.00 depending on time and stop

For an approximate idea multiply the kilometres traveled by 2

Payment Methods:

Cash: always accepted and preferred

Credit Cards: maestro and visa accepted in most taxis, but confirm before the trip

To book and pay in advance online download the FREE NOW ( https://www.free-now.com/it/ ) app or app IT.TAXI ( https://ittaxi.it/app/ )

Tips for using taxis:

Address: Know your destination address clearly, including the arrondissement.

Google Translate: Useful for communication if there’s a language barrier.

Safety: Use licensed taxis or reputable ride-hailing apps.

Receipts: Always ask for a receipt in case you leave something behind or need to report an issue.