Gyan Room (Knowing the Universal Consciousness) (Day 1,2)
A Gyan Room will be set up at the event site wherein Gyan Pracharak saints will bestow God-knowledge to seekers. Gyan (knowledge) is all about knowing the Universal Consciousness which encompasses every particle, the one beyond matter and non-matter. The Sant Nirankari Mission believes that humans can imbibe divine qualities of peace, mercy, and compassion after attaining knowledge of this Universal Consciousness.
Children/ Youth Congregation (Day 1)
A separate program to be exclusively presented by youths (ages 14 – 30) and children’s (ages 7 – 13) to express themselves and present their views on the theme of ‘Lighthouse’ in the form of various speeches and songs. Children will also present various international cultural items highlighting the importance of unity in diversity, further bridging cultural gaps.
General Congregation (Day 2)
Congregation emphasizing the importance of spiritual oneness in human lives.The key is to imbibe divine qualities of peace, mercy and compassion. To learn the very essence of humanity, paint a beautiful picture of humanness and peaceful coexistence. This event will have representations from all age groups.
Health Fair & Yoga (Day 1,2)
A free health check-up camp to be made available at the event venue for two days of the event.
Free session on Yoga will be conducted by trained professionals.
Educational Seminars (Day 1,2)
Educate children and youth to tackle various issues (e.g. Stress Management) and emphasize the importance of Oneness and Humanness in one’s life.

Exhibition (Day 1,2)
An exhibition by the Sant Nirankari Mission will be displayed at event site on both days. This will encompass various visual presentations and artistic models portraying the importance of the Universal Consciousness in one’s life and how to be ‘Lighthouse’ for humanity.
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