NSS Exhibition is an important part of the NSS Samagam. It is our humble request to involve Kids and Youth of the mission in the upcoming NSS Exhibition.

The exhibition has two components

1) Posters, Canvas Art, Models & Other Innovation

In the exhibition, we are making a special area for Kids posters and displays. The theme of the Exhibition is “The Light House”.

In hopes of diversifying the exhibition, we are humbly requesting Posters, Canvas Arts and Model displays and other innovations from all so that the exhibition is representative and inclusive of all branches.

Age group from 7-14 years to be encouraged to prepare models. However, youth and older saints are welcome to assist them as needed.

  1. Posters, Canvas Art or any other innovation – Each branch is requested to bring 2 posters/canvas art or 1 of each in accordance with the theme. Posters or Canvas Art must be not more than 2′ by 4′ feet in size.
  2. Model Displays – Each branch is requested to bring 2 Models each in accordance with the theme. For each model 2′ by 2′ size table space will be provided.
    Each table will be 2.5 feet in width and 6 feet in length so the idea is to have 3 Models displayed on each table. Please have the description of the Model, somewhere on the models itself as there will not be any extra space provided for Description poster. Try to provide a description if need be on Model itself.


Kindly have your Branch NSS SPOC contact for any details and assistance in reference to the above Kids Exhibition to the NSS Exhibition Team member:

Payal Ahuja
Email – [email protected]
Phone No. 7208788688

Timelines: Before June 15, confirm to Payal Ji details of the model you are bringing and your time of arrival on Friday.

2) Exhibition Skits

In an effort to make the exhibition more engaging for kids and youth, small skits shall be included in the exhibition during certain hours.

Guidelines for skits to be part of the exhibition

Please reach out to Exhibition Skit contacts for more information and ideas.


Nishi Chawla Ji,
[email protected]
1 (917) 684-1122

Samta Chawla
[email protected]
(516) 439-9430