We are pleased to inform you that Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj has blessed us to publish a souvenir magazine on the theme ‘LIGHTHOUSE’ for the upcoming NIRANKARI SPIRITUAL SUMMIT 2018 to be held in Houston, TX on June 30, 2018, and July 1, 2018.

To capture all the different perspectives on this theme, we humbly request the interested participants from all age groups s to write poems and articles expressing thoughts and experiences on the topic ‘Lighthouse’.

Young participants can submit the drawings/paintings on the theme of “Lighthouse”.  Please add a “Tag Line” depicting the message in the drawing/painting. These drawings/paintings may or may not be part of the souvenir magazine. We will find a right platform to share these submissions.

Guidelines/Suggestions for the Articles/Poems

  1. The article/poem should be on the theme “Lighthouse”
  2. It should be an original writing
  3. Please use “English” as a language for all the articles and poems
  4. If using a text or phrase from other sources, please mention the source as a reference in inline text or sub-note
  5. The document containing the article/poem should be editable, preferably use the word format
  6. Avoid cliche
  7. There is no specific form provided. You can write free verse/ rhymed and unrhymed lines.
  8. Use phrases and fewer words to describe the topic
  9. You can do sonnet too (14 lines)
  10. Preferred word limit 150-300 words ( however words can be exceeded if needed to convey the right message)
  11. Articles need a title and the title is not your Topic assigned.
  12. The topic is Lighthouse (theme/ general) and your article title (specific) should be relevant to it.
  13. Introduction is an important part -use hook, emotions, quotations, questions.
  14. Use active voice
  15. Use strong punchline in the end

The theme is “Lighthouse” (Roshan Minaar) and following are just a few examples/suggestions to consider for poems and articles:

  1. “Shine bright – become a lighthouse
  2. “Letter to My Satguru”
  3. “Prayer – Lead me from darkness to Light”
  4. “From lesser to Larger – Satguru’s Grace”
  5. “Love, Serve, Guide, Protect – be the Lighthouse”

Please submit the articles/poems to [email protected] & mark a copy to Ravi Mahangare Ji ([email protected]). Submit the articles/poems as they receive. Please do not wait for the deadline to submit the article. When submitting please include following informaiton

Please submit your articles or poems to your local point of contact for NSS on or before May 20, 2018.