The Sant Nirankari Mission (“SNM” or “We”) is committed to respecting the privacy concerns of its visitors to (the “Website”).

We have created this privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) to establish guidelines that will govern the collection, use, protection and disclosure of the personal and non-personal information of visitors (“You” or “Visitor”) to the Website.

We value the trust of the Visitor and recognize that maintaining this trust requires that We be open and accountable in our treatment of the Personal Information that You choose to share with SNM.

SNM collects three kinds of information from this Website:

(1) voluntarily provided personal information;

(2) anonymous non-personal information; and

(3) “cookie” based information.

Personal Information

SNM does not automatically collect personal information, such as name, address, phone number, email address and other personally identifiable information, from its Visitors (“Personal Information”).

From time to time, SNM will collect Personal Information that is voluntarily provided by a Visitor when filling out an online form and/or subscribing to newsletters and other activities carried out on the Website.

We keep the Personal Information that You provide to SNM in strict confidence.

SNM will only collect and use such Personal Information solely for the purpose(s) disclosed by SNM at the time of collection and only after the Visitor has voluntarily agreed to such collection, use, protection and disclosure of Personal Information by clicking “I agree”, “Submit” or other interactive text that the Visitor interacts with in order to indicate the Visitor’s informed consent, on the online form, or in writing if entering via faxed or mailed form.

We limit the collection of Personal Information to that which is necessary for the purposes identified.

SNM may use email addresses that have been voluntarily provided by its Visitors to respond to Visitors who communicate with SNM. All emails from SNM to its Visitors include instructions on how to discontinue receipt of emails, newsletters and other communication from SNM and Visitors can discontinue such communication at any time. Email addresses from Visitors who wish to discontinue receipt of SNM’s emails will be removed from SNM’s distribution list and databases.

All Personal Information that may identify a Visitor and has been collected with the Visitor’s consent by SNM is not disclosed in any identifiable form to any other party outside SNM, except as required by law, and for the fulfillment of the specific purpose identified to the Visitor at the time of collection.

However, SNM may disclose such information in anonymous, aggregated and non-personally identifiable form to other parties for marketing, advertising or other purposes and to better understand Visitor’s use of the Website.

At any time, a Visitor may send an email to [email protected] to request that Personal Information be changed, removed or updated in SNM’s databases.


The Website contains a link to an online form that allows a Visitor to make a donation. The personal and credit card information provided on this form is used only to process the donations. Online donations to SNM may be processed through a third party. The security and privacy policies of this third party are available by clicking on the relevant “Privacy Policy” link on the online donation form web page.

Donation Refund Policy

Sant Nirankari Mandal is instituting a donation refund policy to ensure fair and transparent processing of requests for refund of donations as digital payments are becoming more frequent. Sant Nirankari Mandal expects that all donors will exercise due care and diligence while making donations. Sant Nirankari Mandal also recognises that a donation may be made erroneously.

Sant Nirankari Mandal will examine each request for refund of donation and endeavour to make the refund. Sant Nirankari Mandal may also seek further information / documents and donor must co-operate in this regard.

However, Sant Nirankari Mandal is not obliged to make refunds and may, in its discretion, decline any requests for refund of donations.

If you would like your donation to Sant Nirankari Mandal to be refunded, you must request Sant Nirankari Mandal in writing or by email for a refund and your request must reach Sant Nirankari Mandal within a week from the date on which you made the donation i.e. the date on which you made the donation online/electronically.

The written request from the same email (as mentioned at the time of donation) stating reason for requesting refund must be sent to the [email protected] and must contain all the following details pertaining to the donation: –

1. Date of donation :
2. Donation Amount :
3. Name & Address of the Donor :
4. Bank Account No. (from which donation was made) :
5. Name of the Bank & Branch :
6. IFSC Code :
7. Proof of Payment Made :
8. Email ID mentioned at the time of donation :
9. Contact No. mentioned at the time of donation :
10. Reason for Seeking Refund :

All decisions of Sant Nirankari Mandal in this regard will be final and binding on the donor. Once Sant Nirankari Mandal decides to refund, the refund will be sent to the account from which the donation was made.

Anonymous Non-Personal Information

When a Visitor visits the Website, anonymous, non personal information about their visit is automatically collected. Such information may include the length and date of the visit, how the Visitor navigated the Website, what pages the Visitor viewed, the type of browser being used by the Visitor, the type of operating system used by the Visitor and the domain name of the Visitor’s Internet service provider (collectively, “Anonymous Non-Personal Information”). SNM uses this Anonymous Non-Personal Information to track the success of its Website and to better tailor the Website to Visitors’ needs and interests. This Anonymous Non-Personal Information may be shared with other parties, such as broadcasters, advertisers, sponsors and partners.

Cookie-based Information

SNM may use cookies on its Website. “Cookies” are pieces of information that the Website transfers to a Visitor’s hard drive for record keeping and identification purposes. Cookies are used to make the Visitor’s use of the Website easier by saving Visitor preferences and passwords and to identify which areas of the Website are popular and which areas need improvement and how to target certain advertising to its Visitors. SNM does not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information except in connection with a password protected online registration for a newsletter or other service and only with the Visitor’s informed consent. Visitors may visit the Website with its cookies turned off to avoid the collection of Cookie based information.

Protection of Visitors’ Personal Information

SNM protects the Personal Information it collects with appropriate technological, physical and administrative safeguards to protect it from unauthorized disclosure or use.

Access to Personal Information collected by SNM is limited to authorised individuals and stored on its databases, which are protected by firewalls and are password-secured. SNM retains the Personal Information only for as long as is required for the purposes identified at the time of its collection and consented to by the Visitor providing it or as otherwise required by law.

Once Personal Information is no longer necessary for the purposes consented to by the Visitor, it is SNM’s practice to delete it from its databases or systems or make it anonymous.

Linked Websites

This Website may be linked to other websites. Unless otherwise specified, these linked websites are not under the control of SNM and are required to have their own privacy policies. Visitors should ensure that they read and understand how their Personal Information may be collected, used, and disclosed by the linked websites as SNM is not responsible for and shall not be held liable for any procedures, policies or activities of any websites linked to the Website.

Visitor’s Consent to Privacy Policy

By visiting and using this website, the Visitor agrees to the Privacy Policy and the terms of use (“Terms of Use”) linked to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the Privacy Policy do not use this Website or provide Personal Information to SNM. If you wish to amend, update or remove the Personal Information already provided, contact [email protected]


SNM takes its commitment to securing privacy very seriously. From time to time, SNM may amend or update this Privacy Policy to comply with visitor concerns, best practices and/or the law. SNM has appointed a member of its management team to act as SNM’s Privacy Officer and who is responsible for reviewing, approving and administering this Privacy Policy and SNM’s commitments hereunder. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, feel free to contact the Privacy Officer at [email protected]

The Sant Nirankari Mandal (Regd.) is a registered charity in India. The Words “Sant Nirankari Mission” is the brand name and trademark of the Sant Nirankari Mandal (Regd.). The Sant Nirankari Mandal (Regd.) is part of an international network of non-profit, charitable organisations which operate using the Sant Nirankari Mission brand and trademark. Each of these organisations is a separate entity established in accordance with the laws of such organisation’s jurisdiction.