About mission

We are all One

Every entity of the almighty God’s creation, including the sun, moon, rivers, plants etc. are silently and selflessly serving other components of the creation. Regrettably, our human race is often so self-absorbed in materialistic pursuits that we find selfishness leading to failed relationships and a dying planet. We forget that we also have a role to play in beautifying the world.

The Sant Nirankari Mission motivates and supports humankind towards a positive change, which manifests into a loving and peaceful world with its core ideology of Oneness. It is the ‘Self’ that is awakened through ‘God-Realisation’, thus, uplifting human consciousness to the practical living of Oneness. In doing so, we find that together, we can serve humanity and the planet with an unprejudiced outlook and selfless intention.

It is this Oneness that brings together people of different backgrounds from all over the world to celebrate the beauty in diversity.

Our Guiding Force

Sant Nirankari Mission’s ethos lies in the belief that only the Satguru (True Master) can kindle the spark of self-realisation through God-Realisation, thus leading to a blissful state of mind.

Selfless-service, mindful-remembrance of formless God and seeking inspiration from enlightened souls – all help to maintain and sustain self-awareness.

Since its humble beginning in 1929, the journey for Oneness and Peace is now headed by Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj.

Satguru Mata Ji and her husband, most respected Ramit Chandna, have dedicated their life for the spiritual enrichment of humankind. Their extensive travels take them to various villages, towns and cities across the globe, guiding millions along the path of spiritual enlightenment.

Humanness at the core

Once Oneness has been awakened, serving people and the planet selflessly is a natural by-product. The Sant Nirankari Mission (SNM) believes that our understanding of spiritual Truth can find meaning and purpose, only when it manifests as acts of kindness for the entire humankind.

“I give blood because….life has to be given to the living.” – Nirankari Baba

• SNM has contributed more than 1.4 million units of blood in the last 3 decades and every centre worldwide hold regular blood drives. Environment & Sustainability

• Millions of trees have been planted by SNM during various Tree Plantation Drives across the world.

•  Cleanliness Campaigns involving litter-picking and community clean-ups in neighbourhoods and public shared areas.

Healthcare & Social Support

• SNM regularly distributed food supplies, PPE kits, masks, medicines, oxygen concentrators etc. throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

• Humanitarian relief and support is provided by SNM through:

o Relief and rehabilitation following natural disasters
o Adopting villages o Watershed programs in arid areas
o Free health and eye check-up camps, blood banks and health clinics
o Youth and Women Empowerment Programmes, Elderly Assist Programmes

Global Acknowledgements

The Sant Nirankari Mission has been honoured with the general consultative status of the United Nations, providing an opportunity to play an integral role in world development and change.

The contributions and efforts of the Mission have also been recognized and applauded by various dignitaries, state leaders, countries, and organizations.

In the United Kingdom, the prestigious Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service was conferred upon the Mission for its social initiatives in 2015.

The Hon’ble PM and Hon’ble President of India have also acknowledged the Mission on various occasions.

The Mission expresses deep humility on receiving each honor and appreciation with a solemn affirmation and promise to continue working towards peace.