Key Philosophy
The Sant Nirankari Mission signifies that Realisation through (Gyan) the knowledge of God is the first step to leading a truthful and fulfilled life. To move further towards peace and contentment that we cherish, the Nirankari Mission advocates five principles, which are universal and sacred, together with Three Spiritual Practices which are timeless anchors for spiritual enlightenment.
Five Pledges

  1. All possessions including body, mind and wealth belong to God; we are merely trustees and should not exhibit any pride for material possessions. God can give and take away these possessions at any time hence we should live life in submission to God’s will and use these possessions for the good of mankind.

  2. Do not discriminate against, judge or hate anyone on account of caste, race, color or creed. In reality we are not the body, but the soul. Therefore our external appearances should not be the basis of our real identity. Since the soul is of main significance, we should imbibe equality for all, nurture broadminded acceptance and bridge humanity.

  3. Do not have hatred towards humanity on the basis of lifestyle, diet and dress. People all around the world wear different types of clothes and eat various diets. These factors are often dependent on geographic location, cultural norms and other environmental factors. Remember, we are spiritual beings, having a human experience.

  4. To know and realise God one does not need to escape the world and become a recluse; or indulge in penance. Rather we are to live in the world as responsible citizens and lead a family life, sharing the burden of others whilst also engaging in devotional worship. A truly spiritual life is well balanced.

  5. The Knowledge of God is a divine blessing, bestowed by a Spiritual Adept to a seeker of Truth. To ensure the accurate dissemination of this Knowledge, it may only be shared with others by those authorised by the Spiritual Teacher, ‘Satguru’.
Three Spiritual Practices
Sewa : ‘Selfless service’
This is serving all without any expectation or thought for reward. Selfless service should be conducted with all dedication to God. When we serve we should observe the boundless Spirit in all and do so with utmost respect and reverence. Service is both active compassion for others, and also a sign of deep humility and respect for the sacred in those whom we serve.

Simran : ‘Remembrance of God’
Remembrance of God is to be practiced within daily life, so much that it becomes a natural state of awareness. Simran is facilitated with the words, ‘Tuhi Nirankar, mein teri sharan, meinoo baksh-loh’. A simple translation of this is, ‘You and only You are without form, I am in Thy sanctuary, please bless and forgive me’.

Satsang :‘Company of Truth’
Through Satsang, we dwell in the presence of God realized saints and inspire each other towards a deeper understanding of truth and truthful living. Satsang is a collective worship of God. It is a prime example of ‘heaven on earth’, where love, peace, and equality is practiced and enjoyed.
Social Welfare and Community Activities
The Sant Nirankari Mission largely expresses its spiritual message of compassion for all through selfless voluntary service without any wish for reward or recompense. His Holiness Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh Ji has personally inspired and worked on many social welfare programs across the globe, to include free educational and medical facilities, environmental and sustenance projects and ethical corporate governance policies.

In India, the Mission has founded charitable hospitals, dispensaries, dental care facilities, physiotherapy camps, chiropractic centers and eye care services to provide free universal healthcare to the less fortunate members of society. In Europe, North America and Australia the Mission regularly provides screenings for numerous medical conditions including tests for diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity and thalassemia.

The Mission encourages all its members to take care of the environment by regularly engaging in tree planting projects and local cleanliness drives. About 20,000 volunteers in India commit to cleaning railway stations across the nation and maintaining high cleanliness and environmental standards.

His Holiness began blood donation drives in 1986 by personally donating blood himself. Since that time, the Mission has been recognised in various countries across the world with a commendation as the leading supplier of blood throughout India. Numerous awards have been given for this area of service, in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and Middle East in recent years. In the UK, the Mission became a recipient of the prestigious Queen’s Award 2015, the highest National Accolade possible for a voluntary organization.

The Mission has provided support and aid in times of natural disaster, including the recent tsunami in Thailand, floods in England and earthquakes in Japan, Italy and Nepal. By providing resources such as food, clothing, temporary shelter and monetary assistance for those hardest hit, the Mission works to re-establish well-being after such tragic events.

The Mission actively participates in raising money for good causes such as Cancer Research, or for the provision of gifts to children in local hospitals. Christmas dinners and warm company for hundreds of senior citizens has been provided each year in some Centers for Oneness.

On a global platform, His Holiness has met the President of the European Union, Hans-Gert Pottering, to discuss religious tolerance and human unity. His Holiness has been a keynote speaker at the World Conference on Corporate Governance in London, where he focussed on the need of ethical practices and the value of the workforce, to create best outcomes in commercial organizations.